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Antony Lyons

Independent artist and researcher

My work involves a wide variety of processes, including intermedia, eco-land-art, art/science research, film and sound. With a professional background in environmental/geo-sciences, sculpture and landscape design, many of my projects are concerned with place explorations and reconnections to natural processes and cycles. Areas of particular focus include water environments, deep-time (geological) perspectives, material associations (combinations, symbolism etc) and intangible cultures. My research and production methods rely on open-ended creative fieldwork and experimental remixing of archives, recordings, data and contemporary narratives - explored in the context of both 'slow' and 'intensive' artist-residency. This creative terrain is situated within a continuum of ecological research/design and art practice. Sites of interest and enquiry are often those that are undergoing rapid change or those that form 'connective tissue' - pathways, waterways, greenways, watersheds, coastlines. Resulting works includes sculpture, intermedia installation, data-augmented spaces and the seeding of ideas and plans - all examining the interplay of tensions, traces and transitions within landscape settings; always holding multiple meanings and conjectures. On-going collaborative involvements include Deiseal (based in Ireland), and NOVA (in the UK).

In scientific, planning and advisory roles, I worked for many years for the Environment Agency and elsewhere, developing innovative projects and strategies for urban environmental improvements, sustainable drainage, sewage treatment, watershed planning, river restoration etc.

I am currently developing a long-term project, supported by Arts Council England, titled Submerged (Drowned Lands). This brings together scenarios of rising coastal waters and the intentional submergence of lands by constructed dams/reservoirs. Submerged (Drowned Lands) is attentive to local stories and circumstances, but also engages with 'big picture' themes such as sea-level rise, complex ecological relationships and environmental justice.

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